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Foundations: STEM Skills for Learning Design

Using the power of observation, and patterns in nature, makers at LARK Learning create original work


Using power of observation and patterns in nature, LARK Learning makers discover as they build - and test - how their original piece works in a proposed environment - from fun to real research.

Noticing how a maple seed spins and how DaVInci thought of the physics of flight is Lark Learning.


Without grades or supply limits, LARK Learning makers can focus on the hows and whys of their models, and brainstorm uses as they record in their own way what works and doesn't work.


Hands on Learning Skills

Designing and building for the best purpose and results require testing and tweaking original work to produce positive results, at best - ungraded in school or unjudged at show.

Lark Learning STEM, Lark Studio

Maker Experience

Lark Learning features curriculum nurtured from 20+ years of traditional arts AND digital design,

Lark Learning STEM came from 20+ years making creative projects work in the field for nonprofits and enrichment educators.  

Practice Creative Builds


With many traditional arts supplies and maker studio tools, adding modeling to an art studio created STEM learning.

Be a Lark Learning Maker


Try out a workshop or studio on site design software and find out how your originality can be nurtured at Lark

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